The cardgame empowering citizens to imagine the future

Reshuffle the cards to co-create an equitable and thriving society

FUTUREs is a modular card game connecting the subjects of climate, biodiversity, social justice and well-being.

With its 128 cards, FUTUREs is a dynamic and actionable tool to empower citizens to co-design a thriving future.  

128 cards to imagine a thriving future

FUTUREs aims to empower citizens to become agents of change through several card games, an interactive card directory, as well as workshops to help citizens connect with their emotions and imagine the future.

  • Card game

    Multiple rules to play inclusive games with easy dynamics to have fun while learning. Game modes include individual, team, competitive and cooperative rules for all players.

  • Card directory

    Directory of the 128 cards to better understand, learn and take action for the future. Articles, podcasts, news articles, reports, art performances, and solutions are featured.

  • Educational resources

    A set of activities to use the cards helps people connect, get creative, and take action. Fit for educators, students, companies, policymakers, and changemakers.

Playing for change

Education for sustainable development is needed with converging crises affecting citizens in their day-to-day lives. We need a new inspiring narrative engaging people to implement the just transition.

The education curriculum is often behind today’s reality and there is a greater need for inclusive, hopeful, and holistic tools to empower a rising generation of leaders.

There is a great opportunity to propose alternatives giving citizens the ability to understand, be inspired, and act for a thriving future.

The 128 cards of FUTUREs

  • Generalist

    Explore the reality of today’s world with cards representing the climate, biodiversity, social justice and wellbeing.

    You will also find cards with quotes.

  • Hope

    Explore the possibilities with a transition towards what the world could become.

    These cards invite you to imagine a thriving and prosperous future.

  • Vigilance

    Understand the risks we face in case of inaction.

    These cards focus our attention on key issues, inviting us to seize opportunities to make the necessary shifts.

  • Problems

    Identify the barriers to change preventing the just transition towards an equitable and sustainable future.

    These cards map the main roots of the crises we face.

  • Actions

    Discover the solutions to respond to the challenges of our time with individual and systemic actions.

    These cards demonstrate that we collectively have the power to make change.

A transformational initiative

♻️ Committed and ethical: a sustainable product manufactured in Europe and standing for strong ethical values.

💡 Inspiring and hopeful: a joyful and inspiring approach to current issues focused on solutions.

🎲 Dynamic and interactive: a tool facilitating interactions and social cohesion for the development of new skills.

🚻 Inclusive and modular: a game with simple rules that adapts to all types of audiences and contexts.

🌍 Original and empowering: a unique approach to unite, inspire and encourage action for a better world.

After a successful launch in France in December 2023, we are looking for funders and partners to take FUTUREs to the next level. 

The game is ready in its English version. Reach out to Niels in order to explore ways to partner!

FUTUREs has been recognised for its transformational approach to environmental education as a member of the UNESCO Greening Education Partnership.

The global initiative takes a whole-of-system approach to support countries in tackling the climate crisis by harnessing the critical role of education.